Sunday, August 2, 2009

Introduction and Background

My name is Aaron Cohen. I am a 56 year old who was diagnosed with MS in 1976. When we can get away from work, my wife and I like to travel, and we have gotten better and better over the years at accommodating my special needs. We have traveled in the past few years to several national parks, Australia, Alaska, and just got back from a week in Canada’s Maritime Provinces. Like all travelers we have good stories, and many of them have a special slant due to walkers, wheelchairs, and special people we meet who go out of their way to help. I’d like to use this blog to share some of our stories, in no particular time sequence.

My needs and the accommodations I require have changed over the years, as has our ability to prepare for and execute special needs travel. I currently use a walker for short distance walking, and a Go Go Elite three-wheel travel scooter with the larger battery for longer outings. I also have an Invacare Top End XLT handcycle (hand powered tricycle) that I take with me on road trips, like our recent trip to Canada. I have a Hitch Rider Trike-N-Bike Rack that nicely accommodates my tricycle and my wife’s bike. We also travel with a shower chair, which is invaluable for many tasks, including making do in a non-handicapped accessible hotel room, and getting onto and off of my tricycle.

My most important travel accessory is my wife Laura who holds it all together, asks for assistance when I am too stubborn, and tries not to gasp as I make my way down too-steep hills using the walker.

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